LowCam® VI110

Under Vehicle Inspection

When maximum security is a must, the six-camera VI110 delivers best-in-class confidence. Integrated license plate recognition automatically accesses the system’s historical database and loads a comparative image, if available, from the vehicle’s most recent visit. Real-time video review keeps your traffic moving, making the VI110 perfect for sensitive facilities with high rates of recurring traffic.

Lowcam v1110 Under Vehicle Inspection


  • Six motion-activated cameras for automatic inspections
  • Single image, full color review screen
  • Foreign object Detection (FoD) suite available
  • Ramp-mounted front and rear LPR with alert features
  • Automatic comparison view of returning vehicles
  • Total ramp weight of 25lbs
  • Scratch-resistant, crystal sapphire lenses
  • Sealed housing eliminates dust and moisture
  • Stores up to 150,000+ vehicle records
  • System packs into two Pelican™ cases