Itemiser® 4DX

Itemiser 4DX Non-radioactive ionization source and simultaneous, dual-mode detection

Built on the industry-leading Itemiser® ETD platform, Itemiser 4DX delivers advanced explosives detection and screening capabilities powered by a non-radioactive ITMS® (Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometer) source. Optimized for ease-of-use and mobility, Itemiser 4DX eliminates the administrative, regulatory, storage and shipping requirements associated with a radiation-emitting trace detection source.

  • Simultaneously detects and identifies explosives and narcotics from a single sample in approximately eight seconds
  • Non-radioactive ion source eliminates shipping restrictions and licensing requirements
  • Automated internal calibration removes the need for calibration traps required for
    manual calibration
  • Increased usability, improved operational & detection accuracy
  • Remote monitoring capability via Remote Connect
  • Schedulable, automated maintenance at the push of a button
  • Regenerative dryer — a patented Morpho innovation — reduces maintenance downtime and consumables costs by eliminating the need for dryer material replacements

“The result of almost 15 years of Itemiser systems in operation, Itemiser 4DX delivers on Morpho’s commitment to provide our customers advanced explosives detection capabilities while streamlining burdensome deployment and operational procedures,” said Karen Bomba, president and CEO, Morpho Detection. “Combined with a global service footprint and rapid response capabilities, Morpho offers a comprehensive, unmatched end-to-end solution.”

A lightweight, portable desktop system, Itemiser 4DX utilizes a long-lasting battery to enable rapid deployment between locations without powering down. By leveraging long-life consumables and internal calibration, Itemiser 4DX seeks to minimize operational costs for airports and air cargo facilities, law enforcement agencies and government and critical infrastructure installations.

Using a non-radioactive ionization source and simultaneous, dual-mode detection, Itemiser® 4DX can detect a broad range of current market threat explosives and narcotics without the use of a radioactive source, thereby eliminating certification, licensing, inspection, testing and transportation costs and challenges.

The portable, ergonomic desktop unit features automated internal calibration to help decrease consumables cost, optimize ongoing equipment operation and increase detection accuracy.