Entry Scan 4 Explosives Detection Portal

SAFRAN / Morpho Detection’s revolutionary new walk-through vapor and particle detection portal rapidly examines individuals for concealed contraband in a non-intrusive manner. The EntryScan 4® utilizes the same patented Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometer (ITMS®) technology found in SAFRAN / Morpho Detection’s Itemiser® and VaporTracer.

  • Unique Patented Sample Collection Process Utilizes the “Human Convection Plume” As Collection Medium
  • Self-Diagnostics And Indicators Facilitate Routine Maintenance
  • Facility-Friendly Dimensions
  • Complete Data Logging Capability
  • Optional Remote Display
  • Visible And Audible Indicators Instruct Subjects Through The Screening Process
  • Features Patented ITMS® Technology Used In SAFRAN / Morpho Detection’s Itemiser® and VaporTracer
Entryscan Security walk-through vapor and particle detection portal

The EntryScan4® automatically signals each person – by means of a programmable visual indicator – to enter the portal. Once in the portal, vapors and particles from the person are collected from the natural flow of air generated by the individual’s body heat. This collected air sample is rapidly analyzed in the detection system for the presence of explosives and narcotics.

The collector mechanism consists of a highly efficient, single-stage pre-concentrator that traps vapor and particles form the sample and then desorbs them into the detection system, where they are selectively analyzed by the ITMS® detector. Upon completion of the detection cycle, the EntryScan4® signals the person to exit. The EntryScan4® presents simplified controls and indicators to enable easy operation and monitoring of the system. In addition, it contains self-diagnostics and indicators to facilitate routine maintenance. The onboard computer provides complete data logging capability and is able to be networked for remote display and data acquisition.

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