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Since 1998, NETCo Services has provided superior third-party sales and services to users of security search equipment nationwide. From our main office in New England, we work with clients throughout North America offering field service work, in-house repairs, technical phone support, customer training and other custom services. NETCo currently provides services to all of the Nuclear Power Generating Plants across the USA and has partnered with leading security and detection companies to bring you some of the most trusted technology in the industry.

We Have the Experience You Can Depend On

X-Ray Inspection Systems

by AS&E®

AS&E X-ray inspection systems are used by governments and corporations around the world to combat terrorism, drug and weapons smuggling, illegal immigration, and trade fraud.

AS&E specializes in detection technologies that can uncover dangerous and elusive threats, including explosives, plastic and metal weapons, and radioactive devices, such as dirty bombs and nuclear WMD. AS&E systems also detect commonly smuggled goods, such as drugs and alcohol. These X-ray systems are deployed worldwide at ports and borders, and military and high-threat facilities.

Explosive Detectors

by Rapiscan Systems

In today’s globalized world, authorities around the world are confronted with an increasing number of threats to citizens, businesses and institutions. Rapiscan provides them with an extensive range of qualified and certified technology-based solutions to efficiently detect explosives and other threats. The products offered by Rapiscan and sold through NETCo have a 30 plus year history in the market place which informs the customer of the experience that Rapiscan and NETCo offers.

Vehicle Inspection Systems

by Advanced Detection

Using innovative real-time video cameras, LowCam® Under-Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) generate an instant side-to-side view and unique depth of field that expensive “scanning“ systems can’t duplicate. Security personnel can instantly view, zoom, change angles, pause, rewind, replay and compare footage, all from a safe standoff position and without slowing traffic.

Using a virtually maintenance-free design, our LowCam Under-Vehicle Inspection Systems protect your bottom line as well as they protect your facility. With the intuitive user interface, anyone can learn to use a LowCam in less than 30 minutes!