SAFRAN /Morpho Detection

Portal and Desk Top Explosives Detectors Using ITMS® Technology
NETCo Services is SAFRAN / Morpho Detection’s sales and service representative for the commercial nuclear power market. NETCo Services supports equipment in 63 out of the 64 commercial nuclear power plants throughout the US. Services consist of installation of equipment, training operators and maintenance personal, telephone support and after market parts support.

(AS&E®) American Science and Engineering, Inc., USA

X-ray Inspection Systems Specializing in Detection Technologies
NETCo Services is AS&E’s exclusive distributor for the commercial nuclear power market and a service partner provide for AS&E’s customer base.

Advanced Detection

Superior Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS)

NETCo Services is Advanced Detection’s exclusive distributor of  under vehicle inspection systems (UVIS) for the commercial nuclear power market.  Advanced Detection is a world leader in the design and engineering of under vehicle inspection solutions. Providing a real-time view of a vehicle’s undercarriage without placing the individual in harm’s way, Advanced Detection continued success is driven by innovative thinking and engineering excellence by a dedicated team of electrical, mechanical and software engineers. All products are sourced, manufactured and serviced in America.